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black friday 2011 MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) Free Shipping

black friday MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) Free Shipping

Introducing the first Android touch tablet from Motorola. With a brilliant 10.1-inch display optimized for high definition video in true 16:9 widescreen format, Motorola XOOM provides a whole new media experience for mobile uses. With a dual core chipset, everything moves faster: web browsing, video playback, gaming. Native support for both front and rear cameras provides easy access to either one. The addition of a gyroscope, along with a powerful graphics engine and built-in hardware accelerat

black friday MOTOROLA XOOM

black friday Sale Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi) Free Shipping

black friday Sale Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi) Free Shipping


Samsung’s WiFi Galaxy TabEnjoy a rich, brilliant viewing experience wherever you roam with the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab mobile tablet–a powerful, entertainment device ideal for home or on the go. Weighing just 1 pound, it features a vibrant 7-inch touchscreen display with 3D-like graphics, speedy 1 GHz processor, and the Android 2.2 operating system–all in a sleek and compact form factor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Looking For QuickBooks Pro 2011?

Looking For QuickBooks Pro 2011?

My name is Greg Wright and I am a product manager for QuickBooks. Thank you so much for writing these reviews. We really value hearing from our customers, especially when they are telling us how to improve.

I know many of our customers really dislike our service discontinuation policy. And that is putting it lightly. I have read the customer reactions that they think Intuit is greedy, that Intuit lies to its customers. I understand why some might feel that way. But, it is just the opposite of how I feel and what I am passionate about. I work at Intuit because I believe in our mission to help small businesses save time and let them focus on their passion, not their books.

So, why do we have a "service discontinuation policy"? The reality is you can use QuickBooks for as long as you want. If you use external services that work with QuickBooks like payroll, credit card processing, connecting to online bank accounts, use email services to send invoices or have a Customer Care plan, you have to be on one of the last three versions of QuickBooks. Why would we do that?

Well, we have to test all of the QuickBooks code along with each external service it works with. We have to do that for every update and new version we release. We provide multiple updates and fixes to QuickBooks over the course of three years. That requires a lot of work for our testing teams and systems and takes away from the time we can spend working on new time saving tools. Also, to provide the best customer support experience, we have our agents focus on the most recent versions of QuickBooks rather than try to be experts on every version we have ever released. So, we limit the number of version years of QuickBooks that we support and continue to test.

I know our service discontinuation policy creates a burden for some customers, but I also understand why we do it. I want to help small businesses succeed and provide them with the best time saving solutions that we can. I will keep working on that and see if we can improve our policies as well.

QuickBooks Pro 2011


Looking For best home theater system?

Looking For best home theater systemPurchased this system for our family room which is a little on the smaller side. The sound is rich and full, the subwoofer is better than expected, and overall we're very pleased. Good TV sound and excellent DVD and iPod sound. Moderately priced as well, which is a bonus. *NOTE: Fiber Optic audio and HDMI video cables are NOT included and must be purchased separately.* The system does include a cable for basic video connection. The Fiber Optic audio cable (recommended for best quality audio) is about $20-25 retail. [If purchasing the fiber optic cable, make sure to remove the small clear covers at each end of the cable before trying to connect it to the receiver and cable box or TV. Otherwise...yikes, you've plugged the jacks]. The remote is small, very handy and easy to use. Front connection for an iPod, which works great. There's an antennae for FM radio which we haven't connected yet so I can't comment on that.

Set up is easy but time consuming, so as with most electronic set ups buyers should allow enough time to run the wires, position the rear speakers, attach everything and run the tests. There's fairly generous amount of speaker wire [wish they could have included about 5' more for the back speakers]; depending on how the room is arranged buyers might need to figure out creative ways to run the speaker wires for the back speakers. If it's impossible to properly place two speakers in the back of the room there is a setting which adjusts the sound for a set up where all speakers are located in the front.

The system comes with a 1-2-3 Step easy set up guide and also the more detailed instruction booklet. Speaker cords, input jacks, and speakers are color coded and clearly labeled. There's a disc included to run as part of setting up the speakers and testing the system. For the most part the instructions are self explanatory and easy to follow. However, some of the steps are slightly more confusing than necessary because the drawings of various components [e.g. TV, Cable Box, Sony Receiver] aren't labeled. The person setting the system up can clearly see what needs to be connected, but it's not always clear to what component [cable box or TV].

We now use this system exclusively and keep the speakers on our TV turned down. We will probably purchase this

best home theater


Buy best digital cameras sale Free Shipping!

I found  Cheap best digital cameras I first heard about the SX130is on August 19th- the same day I had decided that my final purchase decision would be the SX120is. After reading a few reviews, it had me convinced that this would be worth waiting for. I received my SX130is late this morning- and have to say, right from the box it was just amazing. Every time in the past when purchasing a new camera, it takes some adjusting and "breaking in" before fully great-quality pictures come, but with this one, literally from the first shot it has been wonderful. The HD video also records wonderfuly, and the sound is great as well- even with using all of the 48x digital zoom! The one "downside" to the video mode is that the image doesn't auto-focus as you zoom in, at times you have to re-focus using the shutter just as you normally would when taking a picture, but I personally didn't find that too annoying once I figured it out. The miniature and fisheye modes are a blast to use, and the smart-shutter mode (takes the photo when a smile is detected, without using the shutter) is neat too. The LCD is a nice big size, and has an auto-rotate for images in the playback mode, as well as an option to scroll through them when selecting. A fun fact which I also noticed is that it has a "screensaver," which displays the time to save the screen (as a computer would). Although some might consider it a bit "bulky" compared to most compact point and shoots, the size is perfect for someone like me who has bigger hands, allowing for a decent grip and non-clumsy hold. Overall, I just absolutely LOVE this camera (which I why I already give it 5 stars, hands down). Definitely recomend this to anyone; is well worth the money!

***Updated on 9/24***
After finally getting some Rayovac recharcable NiMH batteries, I can finally say that this camera is well worth the money. If you use regular AA (nonrechargeable) batteries, it will blow through them like crazy, so I learned the hard way. But the NiMH last much, much longer, plus are rechargeable. If you plan on purchasing this camera, I would highly recommend also getting the batteries- it is well worth the extra money. best digital cameras

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Buy nikon coolpix black friday sale 2011

 Buy nikon coolpix black friday sale 2011

 cheap best  Buy nikon coolpix black friday sale 2011

I've been waiting since late summer for the Canon 4500 and the Nikon s8100 to be released. The Canon came out first, about three weeks ago, and I immediately bought one.I played with it for a week and decided it just didn't live up to my expectations (in auto mode: flash too bright and uncontrolable, images NOT razor sharp, 36mm lens too narrow). I returned the Canon 4500 and ordered the Nikon s8100 last week.
What a difference! If picture quality is your main concern (which is, of course, every photographers main concern) this little baby really shines. In auto mode, images are razor sharp and super bright with or without flash and throughout the full range of the zoom. I don't know if it's the Nikor lense or the auto focus system but these pictures are superior to any point and shoot I've ever played with. The Cannons image quality was similar to a lesser priced digital point and shoot. The Nikon is a full step above this.
There are a few small negatives: the worst being the rediculous placement of the pop-up flash. Each time I've attempted to take my first flash picture of the day my finger has been over the flash which prevents it from fully opening. At least a note comes on the monitor which tells you that the flash is not fully up. Once the flash is up it stays up until you manually push it down, so it's not like this problem occurs every time you take a flash photo. I'm sure I'll find a different way to hold the camera to avoid this annoying problem...but it's certainly not a deal breaker.
This camera does not have as many manual controls as the Canon 4500 but if I want to get super creative I'll use my SLR.
It's also a tad thicker than I'd like (about the size of a cigarette pack) but can still fit in your pocket. However, both the lens and the monitor are not recessed or protected in any way and scratches will be hard to avoid. I'm using a soft suede pouch when it's in my pocket to protect it.
Overall, I'm very happy with the Nikon s8100 and highly reccomend it for anyone looking for super high quality photos in an easy to use reasonably priced camera.

UPDATE: Took camera out for first extended shoot on Halloween night. Did not perform as well as I'd hoped for. All pix shot in low lite (outdoors, night) in auto mode with flash. Flash way too bright to the point where some pix were washed out with too much lite. Will try previous commenters suggestion of playing with the limited manual controls to attempt to correct this problem. Images NOT as sharp as day time shots without flash.Will update again very soon as I'm taking out the camera again today for day AND night shots.

cheap black friday PlayStation 3 sale 2011

black friday PlayStation 3 I bought the Wii after playing it at a friends house. I was blown away by the idea and experience of motion based controllers. We played golf, boxing, tennis, ping pong; it was an amazing experience - for the first time.
After I had the Wii, I quickly lost interest.
Here's why:
1) Horrible graphics. I paid a lot of money to have a 60" High Definition full 1080p home theatre. The Wii graphics look like absolute kiddy crap on my TV. The Wii has no high def. Its like playing a first generation Nintendo NES on a HDTV. Its horrible, and for this 1 reason I can no longer enjoy my Wii. Nintendo is way behind the modern day high end graphics of today.
2) The motion controller novelty has worn off. Its fun on a few games, horrible on others. I don't know, the novelty of the Wii has just worn off for me; and several of my friends.
3) It just doesn't feel like a modern quality device. While I'm sure its reliable, it just feels like a child's toy; the exterior, the interface, the games, etc. Sorry, I guess I've just grown up.

In conclusion, I would say the Wii is more suited to young children. The Xbox is a great device, and so is the PS3. I can live without my Wii; but I would have a hard time choosing between the Xbox and PS3. For that reason, I choose to have both. If Xbox made online multiplayer free (eliminated the Xbox live cost), and included a blu-ray player, I would choose the Xbox over a PS3 (even with the better graphics on the PS3). But for now, I say buy both. By the Xbox as a gaming device, and justify the PS3 as blu-ray player with benefits.

If your a parent shopping for a teenager and only want to buy 1 device, go for the Xbox 360. Chances are, most of your child's friends will already have one, and they can all play online.

If your an adult that demands the best and has little time to play games (like myself), get a PS3. Its sleek, its got better graphics, its wireless, and it has a blu-ray player.

I hope this review gives you some insight and help with your choice, and a little knowledge of all the systems from an experienced and unbiased owner. If so, please click on "YES" below this review to vote it as helpful.

The R.E.D. Album [Explicit]

It's been 3 long years since Game's last album, LAX. Hip Hop has seen many kings return with albums (Eminem with "Relapse" and "Recovery", Jay-Z with "Blueprint 3" and "Watch the Throne", Kanye West with "My Beautiful Dark..." and "Watch the Throne" to name a few). It was becoming Detox Jr but the R.E.D. Album is finally here. I must admit, after hearing his numerous attempts at singles with songs like Shake, Ain't No Doubt About It, and others...I was very worried that Game was going down a bad path. However, I could not be more pleased with his effort on RED.

It's only fair that I let you know how I rated Game's previous three efforts. I give Doctor's Advocate an A, Documentary an A-, and LAX a B+. Documentary was a dope entrance, but far from the classic that others call it. It lacked big time with songs like How We Do and Higher, which were sub-par at best. Doctor's Advocate is hands down my favorite Game album. He lyrically improved from his 1st and 2nd albums, and took a darker tone throughout Doctor's Advocate. Finally, while LAX was a good album, I was left a bit flat with songs like Touchdown, Money, Let Us Live, etc. Still, LAX had many great tracks, including Angel which may be one of his best songs to date. That brings us to R.E.D. Album.

Track-by-Track review

1. DR. DRE INTRO- No rating, but I like the fact that Game is back with Dre.

2. THE CITY- 10/10- Great opening track. Game really knows how to open an album, and spits heat straight out of the gate on The City. Lamar drops a nice spoken hook, and manages to hold his own. Game drops fierce and angry bars about his critics of his last album LAX. Hands down, one of the best tracks on the album.

3. DRUG TEST- 8/10- This song may leave some feeling flat. It is not Game's best verses, and I really wish there would have been more Snoop on this track. The beat is decent, but I wish they would have picked a DRE beat for this song. The song picks up nicely when Sly comes in, and overall its a dope beat to cruise to.

4. MARTIANS VS. GOBLINS- 9/10- It seems Wayne only spits on the hooks with Game for some reason. Nice beat and again nice lyrics from Game. I like when Tyler the Creator comes in and spits a very D12-like verse, it works well with the game. I dislike Wayne, he is overrated, but he works well on hooks with the game.

5. RED NATION- 10/10- One of the dopest songs on the album. Game spits fire again, and Wayne drops heat on the hook as well. This song just works, and is one of the better street songs we've seen from Game in recent years. Right up there with State of Emergency in my book.

6. DR. DRE 1- no rating.

7. GOOD GIRLS GO BAD- 8.5/10- I like Drake on features, hate his songs, which is why I like this song. Game spits some verses about all the girls he's seen throughout his life and how they go bad. The sample of the girls voice works very well throughout the song, and Drake just works on the lady tracks. One of Game's better lady tracks.

8. RICKY- 9.5/10- The only thing that drops this from a 10 is the sub-par beat after the dope intro from Boyz N the Hood. Game's lyrics are dope on this as well, some of his best that we've seen. The sax samples throughout are great, and thsi could have been a classic if it had a decent hook.

9. THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY- 8/10- Great story telling, which is something the Game has become well at. Not as great as Em, but he's still agood story teller. I really dislike it when Game tries to sound like Biggie too much. This song would be muuch better, it has a dope beat to cruise too, but he needs to quit the Biggie-like voice.

10. HEAVY ARTILLERY- 9/10- The hook, a sample of some-what, really works great on this trick. Rick Ross is not my favorite, I think he's weak, but he does alright on this track. Great beat to bump in the car, but I love the Heavy Artillery sample on the hook.

11. PARAMEDICS- 3/10- I can't stand Jeezy. When are people gonna realize that Jeezy is whack??? This is a generic beat, and sounds too much like everything that is wrong with hip hop currently. Flat out, can't stand this track. The only song on the album completely lacking.

12. SPEAKERS ON BLAST- 8.5/10- Alright hook, dope beat, pretty good lyrics, and E-40!!!! Finally, someone giving E-40 some props on a profile album again. E-40 is one of the most underrated out there. The track has a solid beat and Game spits dope verses. Pretty standard song, but the E-40 feature is most definitely a stand out.

13. HELLO- 8/10- Lloyd's hook is the best part of the song, and works to perfection with the beat. The only thing wrong with this song, is I feel that Game's voice when he's rapping doesn;t fit the beat. This songs more like an R&B beat, but that's just me. A pretty solid lady song for the Game.

14. ALL THE WAY GONE- 5/10- Weak and average beat, with decent verses from Game. This song just sounds too much like a filler. There's nothing I really like or completely dislike about this wong. It just shouldn't have made the final cut of the album.

15. POT OF GOLD- 10/10- Some say it sounds poppy, but listen to Game still spitting heat on the verses. Game and Chros Brown just work on songs together. Say what you will about his problmes with women, Chris Brown is still agreat singer and Game still keeps it hood, depsite the poppy sounding beat.

16. DR. DRE 2- No rating.

17. ALL I KNOW- 7.5/10- Game spits some great verses, with more fierce rhymes. What is lacking on this song, is the beat in my opinion. Very average and generic beat, and it sounds like something the Game has done a million times already. Still, great lyrics from Game.

18. BORN IN THE TRAP- 9.5/10- A tribute to old school hip hop. Premier drops a dope beat, while Game sounds great on it. He spits more dope lyrics, but the hook is lacking. With a great hook, it could have been a classic. Songs like this remind you of why Game is still one of the best "RAPPERS" alive.

19. MAMA KNOWS- 9/10- Another tribute to old school hip hop, and it really works with Nelly Furtado on the hook. Game spits heart felt lyrics at times, but still keeps it hook with it at the same time. Sounds a lot like an old school Nas track. Nice touch from Game.

20. CALIFORNIA DREAM- 9.5/10- Game really loves to end his albums with songs like this, and it works. He spits some of his best lyrics we've seen about his birth. Once again, Game story tells, and its amazing. A great song to end the album.

21. DR. DRE OUTRO- No rating.

Overall, its a great album from Game. Half the beats are great, and half are decent. But, if you value great lyricism over great beats, this album is highly recommended. I know everyone loved "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and crowed it a classic, and it was Kanye's best album, but I just feel it was vastly overrated. I feel like it contained average lyrics with great beats. That's not classic hip hop. Hip-Hop/Rap is RHYTHM AND POETRY, not RHYTHM AND GREAT BEATS. That's why Eminem, Nas, and Game are the best rappers alive, not Kanye and Wayne. Jay-Z, he falls somehwere in the middle.

Great album from game. I rate it as an A-, not as great as Doctor's Advocate, but right on level with Documentary. Game is bringing real hip hop back on the West Coast.