Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buy nikon coolpix black friday sale 2011

 Buy nikon coolpix black friday sale 2011

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I've been waiting since late summer for the Canon 4500 and the Nikon s8100 to be released. The Canon came out first, about three weeks ago, and I immediately bought one.I played with it for a week and decided it just didn't live up to my expectations (in auto mode: flash too bright and uncontrolable, images NOT razor sharp, 36mm lens too narrow). I returned the Canon 4500 and ordered the Nikon s8100 last week.
What a difference! If picture quality is your main concern (which is, of course, every photographers main concern) this little baby really shines. In auto mode, images are razor sharp and super bright with or without flash and throughout the full range of the zoom. I don't know if it's the Nikor lense or the auto focus system but these pictures are superior to any point and shoot I've ever played with. The Cannons image quality was similar to a lesser priced digital point and shoot. The Nikon is a full step above this.
There are a few small negatives: the worst being the rediculous placement of the pop-up flash. Each time I've attempted to take my first flash picture of the day my finger has been over the flash which prevents it from fully opening. At least a note comes on the monitor which tells you that the flash is not fully up. Once the flash is up it stays up until you manually push it down, so it's not like this problem occurs every time you take a flash photo. I'm sure I'll find a different way to hold the camera to avoid this annoying problem...but it's certainly not a deal breaker.
This camera does not have as many manual controls as the Canon 4500 but if I want to get super creative I'll use my SLR.
It's also a tad thicker than I'd like (about the size of a cigarette pack) but can still fit in your pocket. However, both the lens and the monitor are not recessed or protected in any way and scratches will be hard to avoid. I'm using a soft suede pouch when it's in my pocket to protect it.
Overall, I'm very happy with the Nikon s8100 and highly reccomend it for anyone looking for super high quality photos in an easy to use reasonably priced camera.

UPDATE: Took camera out for first extended shoot on Halloween night. Did not perform as well as I'd hoped for. All pix shot in low lite (outdoors, night) in auto mode with flash. Flash way too bright to the point where some pix were washed out with too much lite. Will try previous commenters suggestion of playing with the limited manual controls to attempt to correct this problem. Images NOT as sharp as day time shots without flash.Will update again very soon as I'm taking out the camera again today for day AND night shots.

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