Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking For QuickBooks Pro 2011?

Looking For QuickBooks Pro 2011?

My name is Greg Wright and I am a product manager for QuickBooks. Thank you so much for writing these reviews. We really value hearing from our customers, especially when they are telling us how to improve.

I know many of our customers really dislike our service discontinuation policy. And that is putting it lightly. I have read the customer reactions that they think Intuit is greedy, that Intuit lies to its customers. I understand why some might feel that way. But, it is just the opposite of how I feel and what I am passionate about. I work at Intuit because I believe in our mission to help small businesses save time and let them focus on their passion, not their books.

So, why do we have a "service discontinuation policy"? The reality is you can use QuickBooks for as long as you want. If you use external services that work with QuickBooks like payroll, credit card processing, connecting to online bank accounts, use email services to send invoices or have a Customer Care plan, you have to be on one of the last three versions of QuickBooks. Why would we do that?

Well, we have to test all of the QuickBooks code along with each external service it works with. We have to do that for every update and new version we release. We provide multiple updates and fixes to QuickBooks over the course of three years. That requires a lot of work for our testing teams and systems and takes away from the time we can spend working on new time saving tools. Also, to provide the best customer support experience, we have our agents focus on the most recent versions of QuickBooks rather than try to be experts on every version we have ever released. So, we limit the number of version years of QuickBooks that we support and continue to test.

I know our service discontinuation policy creates a burden for some customers, but I also understand why we do it. I want to help small businesses succeed and provide them with the best time saving solutions that we can. I will keep working on that and see if we can improve our policies as well.

QuickBooks Pro 2011


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